Naviplus Pro3000S Firmware Update with English UI

Naviplus Pro3000S is the most popular Nand programmer to upgrade or repair storages on iPhone6 and earlier models and iPads.

You can check the Nand Real storage, Dilatation and fix iTunes errors (9,21,40,4013,4014), Format and Program new Nands.

Naviplus Pro3000S

Since Apple’s new file system has been converted to AFPS you must update Naviplus Pro3000 to operate on new file system.

Also if you’re using the Chinese version and you want to change it into English you can do the same procedure.

In this article, we are going to learn how to update Pro3000S to the latest version.

First, you have to download Naviplus_PRO3000S_11300_English

In the second step, you need an SD or a TF memory card, the memory card and It must be FAT32 formatted.

Then copy the NK.bin file to the root folder of the memory card.

After that insert memory card in the memory slot on the back of Naviplus Pro3000S as shown in the below picture.

Naviplus Memory Slots

Power on the device and Select “System Update” from the menu (on both Chinese and English version “System Update” button located on the  bottom-right side of the menu)

Naviplus System Update Button

After that Press “Start Install” from the menu (on both Chinese and English version “Start Install” button is on the top)

After pressing the “Start Install” if everything goes well, Naviplus starts to update and below page will show up.

After installation completed, Naviplus will restart itself.

Now you can check the firmware version on the bottom line of the main menu.

If you have any question feel free to leave us a comment.